General Aviation Maintenance

Why Turbo-Normalization is the Coolest Aircraft Engine Upgrade

Turbo-normalization may sound like something straight out of a Michael Bay film, but it’s actually a premium upgrade for your aircraft engine. The result? Peak performance, faster flight climb, and a longer, cooler, engine lifespan. Turbo-normalization: Higher power, greater heights Let’s start with a quick definition. Turbo-normalization is the conversion of your aircraft’s engine from…

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$100 Hamburger – Tulsa, Oklahoma

What is a $100 Hamburger in aviation?  It may seem like a burger made with the finest of ingredients, when in fact it is just a relatively inexpensive meal coupled with the cost of flying to get there.  This is a fun hobby for many flying enthusiasts.  A pilot will typically fly to a destination…

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Overhauled vs. New Aircraft Parts

Do you prefer new or overhauled units for your aircraft?   We are a bit biased, only because we offer exceptional quality on our overhauls. Many of our customers prefer our overhauls over factory or new units, stating many times “Your overhaul is just as good as the factory unit.”   New or factory reman…

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Aircraft Components & Airplane Parts: Black Friday Sale

BEST DEAL EVER!  10054-A & 10054-B Weldon Fuel Boost Pumps • $900.00 each.  Normally $1,150.00.  New. 100B Alcohol / De-Ice Pump • $400.00.  Normally $675.00. Overhauled.  No warranty. 10-163050-2 & 10-163050-7 Aircraft Magnetos • $600.00 each.  Normally $775.00 each.  Overhauled.  No warranty 10-349285-1 & 10-349285-7 Aircraft Magnetos • $600.00 each.  Normally $775.00 each.  Overhauled.  No warranty. 1482-22-1 Aircraft Blower…

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Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma: NAAA Show 2018

We have got some exiting things going on and coming up here at Aircraft Accessories!  We will be headed to Reno, Nevada for the National Agricultural Aviation Association show December 3rd through 6th.  This is not our first run for an NAAA show, as we have gone several times over the years ranging from Savannah…

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Aircraft Fuel Boost Pump Installation Checklist

Upon receiving your pump, be sure to go through this checklist to avoid warranty issues and potential safety risks. Force flushing multi-bay wet wing fuel tank systems. Thorough internal inspection of each of the fuel tank bays. Removal of accumulated water and debris. Check all lines for dry rot and damage. DO NOT RUN DRY.…

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