At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, we proudly carry a variety of Aero Space Controls Corporation products.

Aero Space Controls Corporation has been serving the general aviation industry and military defense industry since 1965. From their headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, Aero Space Controls Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, and tests some of the most innovative and high-quality aircraft components in the world.

While consolidation and mergers have become commonplace among aircraft part manufacturers, Aero Space Controls Corporation has been independently owned for over five decades. This agility has helped the company create a lasting reputation as a cost-effective, reliable, quick-turnaround manufacturer.

Aero Space Controls Corporation is committed to being a low-cost manufacturer. They do this by handling every step of the component development process in-house. From concept-creation and prototyping to 3-D simulation and in-field testing, the company’s engineering team are involved from start to finish. Their Wichita development facility includes advanced engineering resources, state-of-the-art testing equipment, and design, modeling, and engineering analysis computers.

We handle the following Aerospace Controls Corporation components:
  • Aircraft Actuators
    • We carry Aero Space Controls actuators for a variety of uses, including trim tab, cowl flap, louver, valve actuation, duct butterfly actuation, rudder pedal adjust, and other applications.
  • Aircraft Landing Gear Motors
  • Aircraft Flap Motors
  • Aircraft Bleed Air Valves
    • Including Pressure Regulating
  • Aircraft Blower Motors
  • Aircraft Evaporators
  • DC Electric Aircraft Motors
    • Aero Space Controls’ DC motors are used in a variety of applications, including actuator, air conditioning, and flap positioning systems.
Alan Brothers – Aero Space Controls Corporation Product Line Expert