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  • Exchange Only

What is an Aircraft Hydraulic Power Pack?

Aircraft hydraulic pumps are used to operate several different aircraft components. The retractable landing gear, wing flaps, brakes, propellers, and other systems are all operated by the hydraulic system.

Larger aircraft that need stronger hydraulic pressure often use an engine-driven hydraulic pump to operate their systems. But on smaller aircraft, the hydraulic system is usually pressurized by an electric hydraulic pump. This kind of system is called a power pack. A single aircraft may have multiple hydraulic pumps, sometimes even both an engine-driven and an electric pump in the same aircraft, controlling different systems.

In these smaller aircraft, the power pack consists of the aircraft hydraulic pump, a reservoir which holds the hydraulic fluid, several valves that control and direct the pressure, an actuator, and the filter.

The hydraulic pump does not generate pressure itself. The mechanical action of the pump moving within the hydraulic canister creates a vacuum which pulls or pushes the hydraulic agent: like hydraulic oil or fuel. The hydraulic pump may hold system pressure at a constant high level or may hold low pressure until activated. Both engine-driven hydraulic pumps and electric hydraulic power packs generally use a hydraulic actuator to convert the fluid pressure into the desired motion.


Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma handles Aircraft Hydraulic Power Packs from the following manufacturers:

  • Cessna
  • Electro Mech
  • Prestolite


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