At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, we offer the following Aircraft Flap Motor services:

  • Overhaul
  • Repair
  • Exchange
  • Bench Test
  • Factory Reman Exchange

Need your flap motor fast? We can often accommodate AOG rush service requests based on shop demand. Please call for AOG service availability.

What is an Aircraft Flap Motor?

Aircraft flap motors control the angle of the aircraft flaps. Rotating these flaps up and down adjusts the drag and lift on the aircraft, which improves takeoff and landing. Aircraft may have a single flap motor that operates both flaps, or may have multiple flap motors.

Occasionally the aircraft flaps will get stuck in the up or down position due to freezing weather or a small worn spot in the flap motor armature. If this happens, you may be able to temporarily fix the issue by allowing the flap to defrost or rotating the flap motor shaft by hand. But these temporary repairs should only be considered in an emergency situation. The sooner you have your flap motor overhauled, repaired, or exchanged, the better your aircraft performance.


Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma hands Aircraft Flap Motors from the following manufacturers:

  • Aerospace Controls Corp.
  • Advanced Industries
  • American Bosch
  • Beechcraft
  • Commercial Aircraft
  • Duke
  • Dumore
  • Electo Mech
  • Environ Calco
  • Lamb


Wondering what to expect when you trust Aircraft Accessories with your next aircraft flap motor project? Our talented team of aircraft specialists will gladly provide you with a custom quote on request. For general questions, or to request a free quote, call or message us today.

Have Additional Questions on the Aircraft Flap Motor Process?

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Alan Brothers – Purchasing Manager & Flap Motor Expert