At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, we offer the following Aircraft Voltage Regulator services and parts:

  • Overhaul*
  • Repair*
  • Bench Test
  • New

*We can only provide overhaul and repair on Carbon Pile Voltage Regulators.

Need your carbon pile aircraft voltage regulator fixed fast? We can often accommodate AOG rush service requests based on shop demand. Please call for AOG service availability.

What is an Aircraft Voltage Regulator?

Fluctuating voltage outputs can cause inefficient aircraft operation–or worse–damage your electrical components. An aircraft voltage regulator (also called a voltage controller) protects the aircraft’s electrical system by maintaining a constant voltage output from the generator or alternator. The regulator system senses the voltage and adjusts the field current to always maintain proper output voltage.

One of the most common types of aircraft voltage regulators is the carbon pile regulator. Many low-output generators found in older aircraft use a carbon pile regulator in which the field current is routed through a stack of carbon disks. As the resistance of the stack increases or decreases, the current is adjusted. Over time, these carbon disks can wear down. It’s important to regularly maintain your carbon pile regulator to ensure accurate voltage regulation.


Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma handles Aircraft Voltage Regulators from the following manufacturers:

  • Beech
  • Bendix
  • Cessna
  • Delco
  • Electrosystems / Hazotronics
  • General Electric
  • Lamar – Authorized Distributor
  • Oeco
  • Skytronics / Zeftronics
  • Sulak


Wondering what to expect when you trust Aircraft Accessories with your next aircraft voltage regulator project? Our talented team of voltage regulator specialists will gladly provide you with a custom quote on request. For general questions, or to request a free quote, call or message us today.

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