In 1984, Tim Henderson founded Aero Accessories, a general aviation component overhaul shop. At the time, Aero Accessories focused on dry air pumps and mechanical fuel pumps. Soon, that little shop became a world-class manufacturer of OEM and PMA parts, and their specialties grew to include dozens of other components and equipment.

In 2001, Stan Fletcher and Tim Henderson created the Tempest Aero Group. Their mission was to bring together a portfolio of top-quality independent aviation brands and to serve as a hub for innovation.

Tempest Aero Group’s six brands are:

  • Tempest
  • Alcor
  • Marvel-Schebler
  • Precision Airmotive
  • Consolidated Fuel Systems
  • Stratus Tool Technologies

While these brands operate independently, they all offer Tempest Aero Group’s commitment to value, product quality, customer service, and innovation. As a global hub for general aviation components, Tempest Aero Group is recognized for its leading lines of pneumatic, ignition, and filtration products.

Look inside products from OEM’s like Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus, Continental Motors, Piper, Robinson Helicopters, and Superior Air Parts. You’ll find Tempest Aero Group products in all of them.

Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma proudly carries several Tempest Aero Group products, including:

Pneumatic deicing components:

  • Deice Valves
  • Regulators
  • Solenoids

While much has changed in the general aviation industry, the classic pneumatic deicing system first popularized in the 1930’s is still the go-to choice. The pneumatic deicing system uses expandable rubber boots on the leading edge of the aircraft’s wings, propeller, and tail to break off the ice as it accumulates during flight.

Mechanical Arm Aircraft Fuel Pumps:

Fuel Pumps for Lycoming® Engines

At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, we carry Tempest Aero Group FAA approved new and overhauled Lycoming diaphragm fuel pumps. In these pumps, all internal parts are replaced with new, certified parts and the pump undergoes advanced safety and performance testing.

Fuel Pumps for RAJAY® Equipped Engines

For aircraft equipped with RAJAY turbochargers, Tempest Aero Group offers a line of mechanical fuel pumps modified to maintain performance at higher altitudes. These pumps have an upper deck reference port and a fortified diaphragm spring.

Fuel Pumps for Continental® Engines

Tempest Aero Group now offers a line of the most popular Continental Engine fuel pumps at an affordable price. Both FAA-PMA factory new and FAA approved overhauled models are available.

David Dutton / Alan Brothers – Tempest Aero Group Product Line Experts