At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, our aircraft magneto shop offers the following:

  • Overhaul
  • Repair
  • 500 Hour Inspections
  • Bench Test
  • New
  • Factory Reman

Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma handles Aircraft Magnetos from the following manufacturers:

  • American Bosch
  • Bendix Scintilla
  • Bendix / TCM / CMI
  • Eisemann
  • Champion Aerospace / Slick Magnetos

What is an Aircraft Magneto?

The aircraft magneto is the heart of the ignition system. Its function is to generate electric current, raise the voltage to a high enough level to fire the spark plugs, and send that high energy pulse to the correct plug at the correct time. Magnetos are lightweight, rugged, and completely self-contained. They do not require any external electrical source to operate.

Many modern reciprocating aircraft engines use a magneto-type ignition system.

Magnetos work by using an alternating magnetic field which in conjunction with a set of contact points, capacitor, ignition coil, and gear train, provide a properly timed high voltage pulse for the spark plugs.

Aircraft piston engines utilize a dual ignition system. Two separate and independent magnetos each fire one of two spark plugs per cylinder. The advantage of this system is twofold:

  1. Firing two plugs provides a smoother, more complete burn of the fuel mixture. This means maximum engine performance and fewer combustion deposits on the spark plugs.
  2. The redundancy of two independent ignition systems provides a margin of safety. The engine will operate on one magneto although at a decreased efficiency.


Wondering what to expect when you trust Aircraft Accessories with your next airplane magneto project? The below prices are a simple guide, but our talented team of magneto specialists will gladly provide you with a custom quote on request. For general questions, or to request a free quote, call or message us today.

Aircraft Magneto 500 Hour Inspections

Starting at around $650.00*

Our 500-hour magneto inspection goes above and beyond the normal manual specifications. We replace the points, capacitors, condenser, impulse spring, seal, slinger, felts, and any snap rings or cotter pins that may have been removed. Bearings are inspected (but are not replaced unless we need it). We disassemble the magneto and remove the rotor, check the upper and lower bearings, inspect the distributor block/gear and we inspect the impulse coupling assembly. In addition, the gears/bearings are re-lubed, and the magneto is reassembled, re-timed, and tested.

The overall reliability of magnetos and having two independent ignition systems can sometimes lead an owner into complacency regarding the maintenance. It is critical to inspect and service your magnetos at regular intervals. A 500 Hour Inspection on Aircraft Magnetos is recommended.
Even the best engineered and manufactured components require a periodic inspection and service to achieve their designed lifespan. Many problems when detected early can prevent a costly repair or failure later.

Aircraft Magneto Overhaul

Starting at around $850.00*

Dual Aircraft Magnetos

500 Hour Inspection starting at $950.00*

Overhaul starting at around $1,250.00*

A dual aircraft magneto differs from a regular magneto in that a dual has both a left and right magneto contained in a single package. Most of our dual magnetos on exchange will have a lead time due to the high demand for housings. It is lighter and takes up only one drive pad on the accessory case.

Popular part numbers include:

  • 4 cyl. 10-682555 series Impulse
  • 6 cyl. 10-682560 series Impulse
  • 6 cyl. 10-682910 series Non-Impulse

New & Factory Reman Magnetos

Don’t have time to wait? We carry several new and factory reman aircraft magnetos from the following manufacturers:

Champion Aerospace / Slick Magnetos – New Magnetos

Continental Aerospace Technologies – Blue Label (BL) Factory Reman Magnetos

*Estimate Disclaimer: This is not a guaranteed price; we will need to evaluate your unit in-house for a proper estimate.

Have Additional Questions on the Aircraft Magneto Overhaul Process?

Give us a call or email today – our experienced team is ready to go above and beyond to get you back in the air sooner.
Kirk Robinson – Magneto Shop Foreman, Pilot, and A&P Mechanic