Q: I need a component for a particular aircraft, and I don’t know what the part number is?

A: For faster service, please consult the airframe manufacturer’s manual before you call. You can also find the part number on the aircraft component data tag. There may be several different component part numbers that are applicable to the same aircraft.

Q: What do you replace in a normal 500 hour inspection on an Aircraft Magneto?

A: Our 500 hour inspection goes above and beyond the normal manual specifications. We replace the points, capacitors, condenser, impulse spring, seal, slinger, felts, and any snap rings or cotter pins that may have been removed. Bearings are inspected (but are not replaced unless we need it). We disassemble the Magneto and remove the rotor, check the upper and lower bearings, inspect the distributor block/gear and we inspect the impulse coupling assembly. In addition, the gears/bearings are re-lubed and the magneto is reassembled, re-timed, and tested.

Q: What is a core charge?

A: The core charge is a deposit we take to ensure that you send back your used part to be recycled within our facility. As long as you send your core back within 30 days and it is usable to our standards, you will be refunded that amount. We always take the core charge payment upfront, however, you can have the core waived by asking your salesperson for a core deferred form. If you do not have a core, you may request to purchase the unit outright. An outright sale will be the exchange price plus the core charge with no requirement to return a core. Most units can be sold outright, but may vary depending on the availability of that particular unit.

Q: What is your warranty period?

A: Overhauled / Overhauled Exchange Accessories and Fuel Systems will be warranted for six (6) months or 100 hours, whichever comes first. Overhauled Propellers will be warranted for one (1) year or 500 hours, whichever comes first. New and Factory Reman are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty. View our full warranty policy here.

Q: What is the tag date on any particular unit?

A: All of our in-house overhauled units are issued with a current tag (an FAA 8130-3 Form). New units will come with a current, inspected FAA 8130-3 or manufacturers CofC. Some New units Factory Reman units are subject to tags dated when they were manufactured in their respective facilities. We can send you a copy of any unit’s tag upon request.

Q: What is the life limit of an Aircraft Magneto?

A: As long as you service your magnetos for the regular 500 hour inspection they should last the full engine TBO. If the airplane is flown more regularly and the magnetos are serviced regularly, they should last longer than a plane that has been sitting due to corrosion and other factors.

Q: What is the difference between an Overhauled and a Factory Reman unit?

A: For overhauled units by us, everything is brought back within service limits. Factory Reman units are overhauled by the manufacturer and are brought back to new limits.


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