At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, we overhaul:

  • Precision Airmotive Aircraft Fuel Injection Systems
  • RSA Fuel Injection Servos
  • Aircraft Fuel Flow Dividers
  • Nozzles

We also proudly carry Tempest brand Precision Airmotive Factory Reman and New Fuel System Components.

When you’re looking for a quality RSA aircraft fuel injection system, look no further than Precision Airmotive. As the Original Equipment Manufacturer of this system, Precision Airmotive is a go-to brand for engine manufacturers worldwide. Their products are designed and engineered to meet top-quality safety and performance standards, making them a staple in the general aviation industry.

Precision Airmotive Aircraft Fuel Servos

Precision Airmotive’s RSA Aircraft Fuel Injections Servos are manufactured and rebuilt by expert assembly technicians. Putting your safety first, Precision Airmotive dynamically tests every unit to ensure peak performance, fuel flow from idle to full throttle, and that each component meets the latest manufacturer’s specifications.

With such high quality and safety standards, it’s no wonder Precision Airmotive is a global leader for engineering excellence in fuel controls.

At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, we overhaul the following Precision Airmotive Aircraft Fuel Servos:

  • RSA-5
  • RSA-7
  • RSA-10
  • RS-10

Precision Airmotive Silver Hawk EX (On Request)

The Silver Hawk EX line of fuel injection kits is designed specifically for experimental aircraft that need precise, dependable, and reliable fuel metering. These non-certified fuel injection systems combine Precision Airmotive’s decades of engineering experience and general aviation expertise to create a line of industry-leading products.

At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, we carry all Silver Hawk EX® Kits, which include:

  • New Servo
  • New Flow Divider*
  • New Nozzles*

*(Except EX235-2, which has a single point injection and does not require or use a flow divider & nozzles)

There are no core charges with Silver Hawk EX (experimental) kits.

Precision Airmotive Aircraft Flow Divider/Nozzle Kits

At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, these products are available on request.

Save time and money with Precision Airmotive’s flow divider/nozzle kits. The flow dividers are rebuilt and every nozzle is brand new. These kits carry Precision Airmotive’s great warranty and high-quality manufacturing standards.

Ken Shadden – Fuel Shop Manager & Precision Airmotive Product Line Expert