At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, we overhaul Facet & Marvel-Schebler Aircraft Carburetors. We also proudly carry Tempest brand Marvel-Schebler Factory Reman & New Carburetors.

Marvel-Schebler manufactures high-quality certified new carburetors, parts, and OEM/FFA-PMA carburetor-type fuel controls. Every Marvel-Schebler product is extensively and dynamically tested with the strictest quality and performance standards in mind to ensure the operator’s safety. Their team of engineers and product designers ensure every product that leaves the Marvel-Schebler facility is capable of operating at peak performance.

A History of Innovation

In 1902, George Schebler of Batesville, Indiana patented the first air-valve designed aircraft carburetor. For the first few decades after its invention, this carburetor was largely used in racing cars. Some Schebler carburetors were also used in boats, agricultural equipment, and soon, in aircraft.

Marvel-Schebler was launched in 1928 when Schebler joined forces with the Marvel Carburetor Company in Flint, MI. At this time, Marvel-Schebler was manufacturing 6,000 carburetors a day. The company’s dominance in the carburetor industry continued to grow.

A few of Marvel-Schebler’s greatest innovations include:

  • Replacing the classic hollow brass float with solid epoxy floats that don’t absorb aircraft fuel. This innovation improved both safety and reliability
  • Release of an aircraft carburetor line for homebuilt and light-sport aircraft
  • Enhanced precision for fuel flows, meeting strict application specifications
  • Continually improving manufacturing techniques and component materials

Today, Marvel-Schebler is the leading manufacturer of float carburetors. They work closely with aircraft developers to ensure no matter what aircraft you purchase, Marvel-Schebler has an aircraft carburetor available for it. Each of their products is manufactured to the highest quality standards and dynamically tested to ensure peak engine performance. The Marvel-Schebler replacement parts will keep your carburetor running like new for years to come.

Michael Henderson – Marvel-Schebler / Carburetor Expert