Did you know Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma offers free Alternator / Generator / Starter testing with your overhaul or repair?

Our state-of-the-art testing equipment allows our team of licensed repairmen to diagnose your aircraft electrical system issues quickly, overhaul or exchange your equipment efficiently, and get you back in the air sooner.


At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, we offer the following Aircraft Alternator services and parts:

  • Overhaul
  • Repair
  • Exchange
  • Bench Test
  • New Aircraft Alternators
  • Aircraft Drive Couplings
    – Exchange Only

Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma handles Aircraft Alternators from the following manufacturers:

  • Chrysler
  • Delco
  • Electrosystems
  • Ford
  • Hartzell
    – Plane Power
    – Jasco
  • Prestolite
  • TCM Continental
  • Westinghouse

What is an Aircraft Alternator?

The aircraft alternator generates a direct current for powering electrical loads and maintaining a fully charged battery. Airplane alternators can produce full rated output at a lower engine RPM than aircraft generators, and they operate more smoothly. A properly functioning aircraft alternator is critically important for the aircraft because its job is to provide power to all vital equipment throughout flight duration and to recharge the aircraft battery.

What is an Aircraft Alternator Drive Coupling?

A drive coupling is a clutch with an elastomer section that slips in the event of an alternator lockup. If the alternator fails the drive coupling will slip, helping avoid engine damage. The new style drive coupling is equipped with the elastomer section instead of metal to prevent metal from being mixed into the engine oil in the event of a slip.


Before you give our team of expert technicians a call, please have the following information ready:

  • What is the part number on your aircraft alternator?
  • What voltage is your aircraft?
  • Is your alternator belt or gear driven?
  • What is the amperage?

Our licensed repairmen have extensive experience working with a variety of aircraft. Whether you’re looking for the right part to make a repair yourself or you are sending your part here for in-house service, our alternator specialists have a proven track record of getting it right the first time.

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Jeff Bowen – Alternator Expert