Aircraft Actuators are used to facilitate a wide variety of aircraft functions, from engine cooling to counterbalancing airflow. Generally, an actuator works by converting a signal such as electricity or hydraulic pressure into a specific motion, either manually or automatically once certain conditions are met.


At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, we offer limited overhaul of the following types and functions of Aircraft Actuators:

  • Aircraft Cowl Flap Actuator
  • Aircraft Flap Actuator
  • Aircraft Stabilizer Actuator
  • Aircraft Trim Tab Actuator
  • Aircraft Wastegate Actuator
  • Aircraft Actuator Synchronizers


Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma carries a selection of actuators for exchange from these manufacturers:

  • Electromech
  • Calco
  • Aero Space Controls Corp
  • Barber Coleman

What are the Main Types of Aircraft Actuators?

Cowl Flap Actuators

The cowl flaps in an aircraft are small doors that open and close to improve airflow through the engine, effectively cooling it. Aircraft Cowl Flap Actuators can be manual, called push-pull actuators, or automatic, relying on an electro-mechanical device to operate the cowl flaps.

Wastegate Actuators

Aircraft Wastegate Actuators open and close to control the flow of exhaust gasses, regulating the boost pressure in turbocharger systems. Like cowl flap actuators, they can be electro-mechanical or manual. Some models of wastegate actuators also work by hydraulics or pneumatics.

Trim Tab Actuators

Aircraft Trim Tab Actuators control the angle of the trim tabs found on aircraft wings. The trim tab actuator helps make flying easier by counteracting the force of airflow as the pilot steers.


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