At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, we offer the following Aircraft Reverse Current Cut-out Relay services:

  • Exchange
  • Limited Bench Test

What is an Aircraft Reverse Current Cut-out Relay (RCCR)?

In aircraft built before the 1960s, a generator is used to supply the electricity needed for the navigation system, lights, radio, and other equipment. The aircraft generator produces electrical power to recharge the aircraft battery while the aircraft is at cruising speed. But if the generator voltage were to drop below that of the aircraft battery, the battery would begin to discharge through the generator – severely damaging the generator windings and quickly draining the electrical system power.

The aircraft reverse current cut-out relay (RCCR) is a simple system installed in the generator circuit to prevent this damage. Using a voltage regulator and a current limiter, the RCCR automatically disconnects the aircraft battery from the generator as soon as the generator voltage drops to less than the voltage of the battery. Once the generator voltage again exceeds that of the battery, the RCCR reconnects the two, allowing the generator to charge the battery again.
We carry a number of Hartman RCCRs for exchange.


Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma handles Aircraft Reverse Current Cut-out Relays from the following manufacturers:

  • Hartman


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