Looking for an aircraft fuel system bench check, overhaul, or repair? Our experienced fuel system specialists here at Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma are ready to get you back in the sky sooner.

Since 1973, our fuel systems shop has been servicing all types of aircraft carburetors, fuel injection components, pumps, and other fuel equipment. Our team of highly skilled fuel system specialists consistently provide prompt turnaround times on all your fuel system repairs.

With our updated flow-control system, our fuel shop can repair nearly any kind of aircraft fuel system. When you need quick, friendly, and reliable fuel system services, give us a call or email to get started.


Our aircraft fuel system shop works with a variety of manufacturers and brands, including:

  • Bendix Precision
  • TCM Continental
  • Bendix-Stromberg
  • Facet
  • Marvel-Schebler
  • Precision Airmotive

We are a proud carrier of new and factory remanufactured Marvel-Schebler and Precision Airmotive products. These industry-leading manufacturers produce top-quality parts aircraft owners can rely on.

Aircraft Fuel Components

Our aircraft fuel system specialists service the following aircraft fuel components:

  • Aircraft Fuel injection pumps & components
  • Aircraft Flow dividers & meters
  • Aircraft Fuel nozzles
  • Aircraft Fuel Pressure limiters & switches
  • Aircraft Fuel primers
  • Aircraft Fuel Shut off/gate valves

Aircraft Fuel Injection

We overhaul, exchange, repair, and bench check Bendix/Lycoming, Continental, and Precision Airmotive aircraft fuel injection parts.

Aircraft Fuel Pumps

We can overhaul, exchange, repair, and bench check almost any type of aircraft fuel pump, and specialize in servicing the following brands:

  • Continental
  • Lear Romec
  • Hartzell (Upon Request)

Aircraft Carburetors

We specialize in the overhaul, exchange, repair, and bench check of aircraft carburetors from Bendix-Stromberg, Facet, and Marvel-Schebler.


On The Aircraft Fuel System Overhaul Process?

Need an 8130-3 Airworthiness Certificate?

Contact us today – our experienced team is ready to go above and beyond to get you back in the air sooner.

*After hours / emergency fuel system contact: Ken Shadden, Fuel Shop Foreman / 918-724-4507 /