$50.00 minimum order requirement for US customers and $100.00 minimum order requirement for international customers.


We accept ACH, Wire Transfer, Credit Card (Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Discover), PayPal, and COD option for domestic customers.

Customers must complete $5,000.00+ of purchases from us within one year to be considered for terms. Contact accounting@airacc.com for your account status.

Any company with a past due balance or balance exceeding their terms will be placed on hold until payment is received. We reserve the right to cancel your Net30 account status at any time.

Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma reserves the right to take possession of a part that has not been paid for, or arrangements of such have not been made, within 90 days from the work completed on said part. This includes bench tests, inspections, and estimates.


Any company that refuses delivery for orders shipped to them will be charged a 25% restock/handling fee ($50.00 minimum for orders under $200.00).

Orders that are in-stock received before 4pm Central Time may ship the same day with no charge. Orders that are in-stock and received after 4pm Central Time may ship the next business day, unless an AOG fee of $175.00 is included within your PO.

After-hours pickup is available with a secure on-site lock box. Please call us or email airacc1@airacc.com for instructions.


Accepted returns must arrive at our facility within 30 days from invoice issue date with complete paperwork and in original packaging condition or customer will be refused a refund or credit. All items returned are subject to a 15% restocking fee.


The core charge is a deposit we take to ensure that you send back your used part to be recycled within our facility. If you send your core back within 30 days and it is usable to our standards, you will be refunded that amount. Cores that are damaged or late are subject to a deducted refund amount.

We always take the core charge payment upfront, however, you can have the core charge waived by asking your salesperson for a core deferred form. You must have 3 recent transactions with our company within the current year to be eligible for core deferment. If you are on Net30 Terms, you may set up automatic core deferment. If there becomes an issue with us not receiving your cores on time or at all, we reserve the right to cancel this program at any time.

If you do not have a core, you may request to purchase the unit outright. An outright sale will be the exchange price plus the core charge with no requirement to return a core. Most units can be sold outright but may vary depending on the availability of that unit.


Drop shipment fee(s) start at $15.00 and can go up to 10% of your total order.

Fresh FAA 8130-3 Forms come standard with our in-house overhaul, repaired, inspected, and serviceable units. If you lose your FAA 8130-3 Form that was issued, there is a $25.00 fee for a replacement.

Wire transfers will be invoiced $75.00 for our incoming bank charges and any currency exchange rate fees.

Units requiring an export authorization will require an additional $100.00
for the first one and $50.00 for each additional unit per order.

$125.00 minimum evaluation fee for all items that are sent in to be inspected or bench tested. This is waived if you exchange, overhaul, or repair.

An AOG Fee starts at $175.00 to expedite your order.


Quoted prices are valid for 30 days. Estimates and lead times are not guaranteed, some units are subject to have an increase in price/lead time due to labor, parts, availability, or unforeseen circumstances.


Overhauled / Overhauled Exchange Accessories and Fuel Systems done in-house will be warranted for six (6) months or 100 hours, whichever comes first. Overhauled Propellers will be warranted for one (1) year or 500 hours, whichever comes first. New and Factory Reman units are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty. There is no warranty on Serviceable, As Removed, Bench Tests, Repairs, or Inspections. View our full warranty policy (Warranty Policy).

Email Luke Dillon at ldillon@airacc.com for warranty questions and concerns.