Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma is a Textron Authorized Distributor, including their Beechcraft, Cessna, and Hawker product lines.

We keep some components in stock, such as our Cessna aircraft flap motors, with many other Textron Aviation products available on request.

Textron Aviation produces several lines of aircraft and aircraft components. Their most notable lines of aircraft and parts are Cessna, Beechcraft, and Hawker. The aviation giant has produced over half of all general aviation aircraft in the world. That’s over 250,000 aircraft in over 170 countries!

Textron began as a small textile company back in 1923. Over time, the company began purchasing other businesses, diversifying their industry holdings. In 1960, Textron purchased Bell Aircraft company. That merger marked Textron’s entrance in the aerospace market. At the time, Bell Aircraft was predominately focused on supplying military and government needs.

In 1992, the company purchased Cessna. This allowed them to diversify into the commercial aerospace industry. Within two years, due to changing legislation that limited manufacturer’s liability in the event of an aircraft accident, Cessna’s revenue skyrocketed. Soon, Textron was solidified as an industry-leading aircraft and components manufacturer.

In 2014, Textron restructured as Textron Aviation Inc. and acquired Beechcraft and their Hawker jet line. While the company no longer manufactures Hawker jets, they do still provide parts and service for the aircraft. As of 2021, Textron Aviation produces business jets, general aviation aircraft, special mission aircraft, high-performance pistons, and military trainer and defense aircraft.

At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, we keep Cessna components in stock or available on request. Our best seller is the Cessna Aircraft Flap Motor. We can carry certain Beechcraft and Hawker components on request. To inquire about product availability or start an order, give us a call today.

Alan Brothers – Textron / Cessna Aviation Product Expert