At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, we offer the following Aircraft Fuel Metering Pump services:

  • Overhaul
  • Repair
  • Exchange
  • Bench Test
  • New Exchange

What is an Aircraft Metering Pump?

An aircraft metering pump is a small, lightweight component that precisely controls the dispensed amount and flow speed of a fluid, like fuel, oil, hydraulic fuel, or alcohol.

Metering pumps use expanding and contracting chambers to adjust the flow of fluid, so they’re able to function properly even at high pressures. This makes them an ideal component for controlling the flow of fuel or alcohol vapor for quick burning combustion. They are extremely precise and function consistently over time.

Aircraft metering pumps are controlled by an electric motor which powers the pump head. The pump head pulls the right amount of fluid through an inlet line into the chamber, then expels the fluid as a liquid or a vapor through an outlet line.

In aircraft, there are several uses for metering pumps. In deicing systems, for example, aircraft that occasionally fly in icy conditions usually have a single metering pump which dispenses deicing fluid. In aircraft that frequently operate in severe winter weather, two metering pumps are installed for redundancy. Aircraft metering pumps are also used in the fuel system and in smoke generators.


Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma handles Aircraft Metering Pumps from the following manufacturers:

  • Adel
  • Weldon – Authorized Distributor & Repair Station


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