At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, our aircraft propeller shop offers the following services:

  • Overhaul
  • Repair
  • Prop strike inspections
  • Custom paint jobs
  • Straightening of bent blades
  • Pickup & delivery service
  • New blades & assemblies on request
  • Hub overhaul

Our specialists have serviced hundreds of propellers since our prop shop opened over 60 years ago.

Don’t trust the repair and maintenance of this critical equipment to just anyone – our team of expert prop specialists here at Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma will get you back in the sky in no time. Phil Trout, our Prop Shop Foreman, has been with us since 1980.

We specialize in overhauling aluminum propeller blades – the industry standard. While we do not recommend using composite or wooden prop blades, we do overhaul these hubs and can source your bladework on request.


With a limited rating for propellers used in general aviation and turbo prop / turbine engine aircraft, our propeller shop works with the following brands:

  • Beechcraft
  • Sensenich
  • McCauley
  • Hartzell
  • Hamilton Standard
  • Flottorp


Wondering what to expect when you trust Aircraft Accessories with your next propeller project? The below prices are a simple guide, but our talented team of prop specialists will gladly provide you with a custom quote on request. For general questions, or to request a free quote, call or message us today.

Fixed-Pitch Propeller Overhaul: $840.00 – $920.00

Fixed-pitch propellers use a simple, fixed-angle blade to maximize single-engine aircraft performance and minimize the associated operating costs.

Constant Speed Propeller Overhaul: $2,800.00 – $3,400.00

Constant speed propellers use a speed governor to change the angle of the blades mid-flight to adjust the pitch and speed of the propeller. This improves engine function and fuel efficiency, decreases wear, and boosts aircraft performance.

Full-feathering / Turbo Prop Overhaul: $4,000.00 – $6,800.00

Like constant speed props, full-feathering propellers have blades which can be rotated to reduce drag. The blades in full-feathering props can be turned to a high positive angle, which stops their rotation once the engine is shut down. On twin engine planes, this helps to reduce drag if one engine fails mid-flight.

Propeller Boots range from $130.00 – $400.00

Deicing boots help prevent ice from accumulating on the leading edge of prop blades. By using thermal-electric technology, boots heat the blades evenly to ensure balanced ice removal.

Pickup and delivery service ranges from $250.00 – $900.00 (one way)

Round-trip delivery service ranges from $500.00 – $1,500.00

We gladly offer free pickup and delivery for propellers within a 100-mile radius of Tulsa, Oklahoma. For pickup and delivery outside of this radius, please contact our prop shop for availability and pricing.

Propeller paint jobs range from $165.00 – $330.00

Looking for a custom piece of art? Our talented prop specialists have provided one of a kind paint jobs for both functioning propellers and past-limit propellers used as art pieces in homes, restaurants, businesses, and more. Contact us to get started on your creative project today.

Have Additional Questions on the Propeller Overhaul Process?

Give us a call or email today – our experienced team is ready to go above and beyond to get you back in the air sooner.