At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, we offer the following Aircraft Fuel Boost Pump services and parts:

  • Overhaul
  • Repair
  • Exchange
  • Bench Test
  • Factory New
  • PMA New
  • Factory Reman
  • Motors
  • Fittings*
  • Gaskets / O-Rings**

*Fuel Boost Pump Fittings
We do our best to keep track of customer fittings, however, it is ultimately up to the customer to keep track of those fittings unless specifically asked to put old fittings into a new pump. We are not responsible for old or damaged fittings. If a fitting is damaged, we reserve the right to not install it into a new pump.

**Gaskets / O-Rings
These parts are supplied upon request and do not come with every unit, please double check with your sales representative when placing your order.

Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma handles Aircraft Fuel Boost Pumps from the following manufacturers:

  • Adel
  • Airborne
  • Dukes
  • Lear Romec
  • Mitsubishi
  • Rapco – Authorized Distributor
  • Weldon – Authorized Distributor & Repair Station
  • Thompson
  • TRW Globe

What is an Aircraft Fuel Boost Pump?

An aircraft fuel boost pump, also known as an auxiliary electric pump, is responsible for delivering fuel to the aircraft engine before the engine starts. The aircraft fuel boost pump can also be used to supply fuel to the airplane engine if the engine driven or primary fuel pump fails.

Pulling your old pump and sending it in for overhaul at the first sign of leakage can save hundreds of dollars. Shelf and service life on all boost pumps is typically 10 years. Most of our Aircraft Fuel Boost Pump component overhauls have a 3–5 day lead time upon receipt in our facility. New pumps & motors are available both in stock and upon request.

Wondering what to expect when you trust Aircraft Accessories with your next fuel boost pump project? Our talented team of fuel boost pump specialists will gladly provide you with a custom quote on request. For general questions, or to request a free quote, call or message us today.


Upon receiving your pump, be sure to go through this checklist to avoid warranty issues and potential safety risks.

  • 1. Force flushing multi-bay wet wing fuel tank systems.

  • 2. Thorough internal inspection of each of the fuel tank bays.

  • 3. Removal of accumulated water and debris.

  • 4. Check all lines for dry rot and damage.

  • 5. DO NOT RUN DRY.

  • 6. DO NOT use Teflon tape or sealant of any kind.

  • 7. DO NOT disassemble pump.

  • 8. Only energize pump at rated voltage.

Another helpful guide upon installation is our Aircraft Fuel Boost Pump wire configuration:

Airborne Fuel Boost Pumps
  • Terminals are bare, the end user adds their choice of color and gauge of wire required in their application manual.
Dukes Fuel Boost Pumps – 2-wire typically not polarity sensitive unless otherwise labeled.
  • Hi-Boost – Black
  • Ground – Red
  • Low Boost – White
Lear Romec & Adel Fuel Boost Pumps
  • Positive – Black
  • Ground – White
Weldon Fuel Boost Pumps
  • Positive – Orange/Red
  • Negative – Black
Authorized Weldon Pump Distributor

Have Additional Questions About Fuel Boost Pumps?

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David Dutton – Fuel Boost Pump Expert