Electromech Technologies is a worldwide leader in servicing aerospace and defense markets. Electromech specializes in the manufacture and overhaul of AC/DC motors, blowers, and actuators, valves, generators, electronics, sensors and controls.

Electromech Technologies was founded in 1968 to help support the numerous aerospace manufacturing companies growing around Wichita, Kansas. The company was started by a group of engineers. With their commitment to delivering quality, hiring skilled workers, and offering a quick turnaround, the company began rapidly expanding. By the late 1980s, Electromech Technologies began supporting the aftermarket side of the industry.

With over 374 employees and a wide range of available motor, electronic, and mechanical components, Electromech Technologies continues to be an industry-leading brand. Today, Electromech Technologies components are in nearly every aircraft in the sky.

At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, we handle a large selection of Electromech Technologies products, including:

Electromech Aircraft Blowers

Centrifugal Aircraft Blowers

Vane Axial Aircraft Blowers

These blowers are used in cabin ventilation, heat exchanger, and cooling systems. They typically utilize AC, brushed DC, and brushless DC motors. Additional performance features are also available.

Electromech Aircraft Motors

Brushed DC Aircraft Motors

These motors are often used for hydraulic pumps, fuel transfer pumps, and door actuation. Brushed DC motors can also be found in several drives, including flaps, landing gear, helicopter hosts, turrets, compressors, and actuator drives.

Electromech Aircraft Tach Generators

Tachometer Generators

2 pole, 3 phase per MS25038-4
4 pole, 3 phase per MS25038-2

Electromech Aircraft Standby Generators

Standby Generators

7.5 Amp at 28 VDC

Electromech Aircraft Fuel Gate Valves

These fuel gate valves use Electromech Technologies electric motors. Their gear boxes couple to a gate valve body to control fuel flow or a butterfly valve to control the flow of bleeding air.

Electromech Aircraft Actuators

Linear Aircraft Actuators

Electromech actuators are designed with light weight and high performance in mind. They can be used in actuation applications including rudder, elevator, and aileron trim control, flap and landing gear control, and ice vanes control.

Alan Brothers – Electromech Technologies Product Expert
Email: abrothers@airacc.com