Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma handles Aircraft Ice Protection Systems in the following categories:

  • Aircraft De-Ice Valves
    • Tempest
  • Aircraft De-Ice Distributor Valves
    • Bendix
  • Aircraft De-Ice Timer
    • Goodrich
  • Aircraft De-Ice Components
  • Aircraft Propeller De-Icers
    • Aircraft Propeller De-Ice Wire Harnesses
      • Rapco
    • Aircraft Propeller De-Ice Brushes
      • Rapco
  • Aircraft Propeller De-Ice Boots
    • SMR Technologies / Ice Shield De-Icing Systems

What is an Aircraft Ice Protection System?

Regardless of the type of aircraft you fly, there are a few things that will sneak up and take you out of the air sooner than ice. Even the most basic aircraft at least have carburetor heat to keep the “Ice Man” away.

Modern aircraft use a variety of different methods to remove or prevent ice from accumulating. They are used separately and in combination depending on the aircraft. Inflatable boots, thermo-electric boots, bleed air and TKS are all common today.

Pneumatic boots on the leading edge of flight surfaces have been used since the early 1920’s. Air is pumped into these boots breaking the ice loose. Bleed air systems route hot engine air through the leading edges and flight surfaces to keep them above freezing temperatures. TKS is a system of pumping fluid through weep holes in the aircraft skin and around the propeller.

At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, we help maintain various components of all these systems. We have aircraft regulator relief valves for the bleed air systems, de-ice valves that regulate air for pneumatic boots systems, electric boots and timers for aircraft propeller de-ice systems. We also have pumps for TKS systems.

Remember…it doesn’t have to be winter for ice to form and it is always time for safety!

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