“Jessy Panzer here! I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help with my aircraft prop governor! It is working great and I was able to make the Tarkio, MO show that weekend and flew great! I’ve attached a picture from that weekend just before I went to fly the show. Thought you might enjoy it. Since then I have taken my Pitts Special aircraft to Oshkosh for the 70th Anniversary of the Pitts Special design, and also flew another show in Mason City, IA last weekend! Anytime I’ve been getting the chance, I’ve been telling people what a great job you did for me and how efficient you were too! Thanks again for all of your help!”

Jessy Panzer

“Aero Space Controls has been working with Aircraft Accessories for a long time and have always had professional and positive experiences. Thanks for all that you do from the Aero Space Controls team!!!”

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Garrett KeithAero Space Controls

“I Have been restoring and flying vintage aircraft for many years. The quality of service and workmanship at this shop are second to none. They are also problem solvers of the first order. It is always a pleasure to work with them. Thanks for you great help.”

Jim Watson

“My aircraft pump arrived this morning. My sincere thanks for your assistance and terrific service!”

Daniel GriesserAircraft Service Grenchen Switzerland

“These mechanics have, with the blessing of the company The capability to contact the customer/client directly with smartphone snapshots of your part where you can see what the mechanic sees. Direct communication via text from mechanic to client. After hours, weekends, the mechanic of record for your particular unit will communicate with you on a one-to-one basis. Thumbs up, Keep them flying!”

T. Rice

“Our company works on many old aircraft. Aircraft Accessories has always been able to take care of our accessory overhaul, repair, and exchange needs. Most recently Joe and his team bent over backward to quick turn a fuel pump that needed modification for Cessna 195 application. Great company with knowledgeable and helpful employees and technicians.”

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Phillip Pedron

“I had an aircraft hydraulic power pack issue and was ready to replace the unit was calling shops to see who could overnight one when I stumbled upon this unicorn in the forest not only to find a shop that could overnight so late in the day, but a shop that goes above and beyond to help people fix there issue. Alan told me something to check that would save my customer $2000! and sure enough that was the issue everyone else just wanted to sell parts but this company wants to help the customer! I will definitely use them for any overhaul and parts in the future. Fair prices and extraordinary customer service are just a few words I would use to describe this company!”

JohnLake Aviation Maintenance

“I have used your firm a couple of times, gotten information a few times and you are fair, fast and do good work. I always recommend you to my flying friends. Keep up the good work and thanks.”

John A. Majane III

“I have dealt with Aircraft Accessories for many years. I have always received great service and feel that their quality is top notch.”

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James Bowers

“Aircraft Accessories did a remarkable job repairing the worn out Marvel Schebler carb on the O-290D in my PL-2. They said it would be better than new, and it was. I couldn’t have been more pleased.”

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Rich LinderFlight Safety International

“Danny has got to be one of the easiest to work with, most understanding, customer reps left in our industry. He is willing to help you hit the finish line in a timely fashion which seems to be asking a lot these days from other shops. I will continue to use his shop in the future based on this level of service…Thanx Danny”

Dean Maloney

“Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, and don’t you dare get them confused with “those other guys”, has a very knowledgeable and professional staff. They took care of me with a quicker-than-average turnaround on two accessory overhauls. I’m sold.”

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Scott Clement

“When faced with a dual aircraft generator issue that was threatening to stop testing on an important international mission; the team at Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma was willing to work long hours and make sacrifices that others in the industry would not make in order to ensure the mission was accomplished. If not for their steadfast dedication to customer service this important mission would have failed. David Dutton and the team brought great credit to their organization by providing excellent service to Y-Tech Services Inc., the U.S. Army and the Redstone Test Center.”

Diana McAdams

“I recommend these guys to anyone that will listen. Very understanding when it comes to a customer’s situation and time constraints. Numerous times they have pulled a core off of the shelf, rebuilt it and had it overnight shipped to me, all in less than 24 hours. Cheap, fast, professional, knowledgeable and AWESOME!”

Troy Mickelson

“Big thanks to David Dutton for helping me while stranded in Key West with a Weldon D-8100E aircraft fuel pump. While on my way to the Aeroshow Cozumel as an airshow performer, my electric fuel pump broke. Called all the usual suspects first and somehow I got across Aircraft Accessories of OK. Only to find great service as a first time customer. They AOG’d the part to me after hours and I am a happy pilot again. Thanks so much for all your help!”

Mitch Velickovich

“I took my 24V ElectroMech aircraft landing gear motor in initially expecting to exchange for a rebuilt/overhauled motor. David took a look at my motor and offered to have his technician bench check it. The technician bench tested the motor, took it apart, tested the armature for continuity and checked for flat spots using a micrometer, cleaned it thoroughly, cleaned the brushes, installed a couple of new bearings, and put it back together. Another bench test and brush run in. Did all this while I watched. Had no fewer than 4 other guys pass by and ask if “I was being taken care of”. Turns out the motor really just needed a little TLC and saved me some money. Gear is happily functioning now. I really appreciate the great service.”

Dan Fischer

“Aircraft Accessories is one of the best part suppliers I have ever seen. Especially David is doing excellent job and he is always ready to help in any part related questions. I am an owner of Piper Malibu in Finland and I can sincerely recommend Aircraft Accessories for your part supplier.”


“Guys did a fantastic job on my aircraft prop governor. Sent it off for overhaul and had it back on the airplane in one week. Top notch service!”

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