At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, we offer the following Aircraft Carburetor services and parts:

  • Overhaul
  • Repair
  • Bench Test
  • Factory Reman
  • New

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What is an Aircraft Carburetor?

The aircraft carburetor is used to mix air and fuel in the proper ratio for optimal combustion in the aircraft’s engine. Once the carburetor brings the fuel and air together, the mixture flows to each engine cylinder, where it is ignited.

The most common type of aircraft carburetor is the float carburetor. In this component, the fuel level in the fuel chamber is regulated by the action of a floating valve. As the level of fuel in the chamber rises and falls, the float opens and closes the fuel valve, keeping the fuel level constant. If the fuel level in the chamber rises above the level of the discharge nozzle, fuel can leak from the carburetor when the engine is off.

For aerobatic aircraft and aircraft subject to negative g-force, float carburetors are problematic. When inverted, the float is useless at keeping the fuel level constant, allowing the chamber to quickly fill with fuel. In these aircraft, pressure carburetors are used instead. These utilize diaphragms and a series of chambers to control the mixing air and fuel. Pressure carburetors are automatically altitude-controlled and aren’t impacted by g-force or inversion.

We handle aircraft pressure carburetors.


Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma handles Aircraft Voltage Regulators from the following manufacturers:

  • Bendix Stromberg and Facet
  • Marvel Schebler


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