At Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, we proudly carry Kelly Aerospace Aircraft Ignition Harnesses & Leads.

Over the past 35 years Kelly Aerospace has developed a reputation for producing high-quality ignition harnesses and leads for a wide variety of general aviation engines. Kelly Aero is a leading original equipment manufacturing supplier for these critical and in-demand engine components.

At their headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama, Kelly Aero designs, builds, and tests their general aviation components to ensure every product meets rigorous quality standards and follows FAA/PMA guidelines. They manufacture nearly every part and component in-house to reduce reliance on the supply chain. This domestic production means customers enjoy faster delivery and lower costs.

Why we recommend Kelly Aero Aircraft Ignition Harnesses and Leads

Kelly Aerospace’s ignition harnesses use a unique spring design in which the coil springs extend inwards. This maximizes contact between the spark plug and spring tip, allowing for greater ignition energy and reduced flashover. These small contact springs are replaceable if they wear out faster than the harness, saving our customers valuable time and money. Kelly Aero is also one of the only manufacturers of both straight and 90-degree elbow leads.

Every ignition harness features steel nuts instead of aluminum, which helps protect against galling and improves harness performance. With its resilient red polymer coating, your Kelly Aero harness is built to withstand the extreme heat of a reciprocating engine. The braided, stainless-steel wires of the harness are long and flexible, allowing for easy installation and maintenance in any aircraft.

Kelly Aerospace ignition harnesses and leads are FAA/PMA approved for the following engines
  • Continental Motors
  • Franklin Engines
  • Textron Lycoming
Aircraft Magneto Backplate to Ignition Harness Cross Reference

Eismann LA-4

KAI7007, KAI7008

Eismann LA-2

KAI7001, KAI7002

Slick 400 Series


Slick 600 Series

KAI1480, KAI1878, KAI1884, KAI2318

David Dutton / Kirk Robinson – Kelly Aerospace Product Line Experts